English coaching for pre-schoolers, primary, secondary and university students

Working with a sympathetic tutor always builds self-confidence that continues years later, whether the focus is on reading, spelling, writing or handwriting. 

Delighted parents have often told me that their child has gained a degree and a good job, which had earlier seemed unlikely. Some university students who are at risk of giving up have also found that having support has enabled them to find their own way.

There is always a positive result when a student is motivated to attend and participate in lessons. However, school-age students need to decide for themselves whether they are happy to have private tuition, and whether we can work together as a team. We have to develop a relationship of trust, work consistently over a period of time and enjoy the ride.

As a past SPELD/SPELADD teacher of 20 years, I have tutored many children who were dyslexic or had other learning difficulties. 

A one hour lesson once a week may be sufficient to make progress, but often more time is needed, especially at high school.



Please view in each category listed below.


One-to-one lessons at my apartment which are tailored to the needs of the individual child. Lessons are a gentle preparation for school and can include: 

  • reading (a selection of books)
  • spelling (the alphabet and early phonics)
  • handwriting (pencil grip, letter formation, own name)
  • mazes, puzzles, spot the difference, memory games


$450 (for 10 x 45 minute lessons)


General English support for children who are falling behind in class or feeling that school work is not fun. Lessons are tailored to individual needs and can include:

  • spelling (synthetic phonics)
  • handwriting
  • reading comprehension
  • help with homework tasks/writing


$500 (for 10 x 60 minute lessons) 

High school & UNIVERSITY

(NCEA, Cambridge, ESL) 

I take a ‘study buddy’ role, critiquing students’ essays, but encouraging them to discover their own strengths and take responsibility for the quality of their work.

There can be a lot of pressure at this level to read material and complete assignments, so ESL and senior students benefit from longer lessons.



Years 9 – 10
$800 (for 10 x 90 minute lessons)

Years 11 – 13 and university
$800 (for 10 x 90 minute lessons)

Years 11 – 13 and university
$950 (for 10 x 120 minute lessons)




I am a private English tutor with over 30 years teaching, tutoring and coaching experience. I teach students in my home in downtown Auckland. I offer a wide range of lesson types, for students at all levels and ages.

Please contact me any time to discuss your needs and how I can help.

House of English
The Precinct
6 Lorne St
Auckland 1010
021 477 601