Conversation sessions can boost your confidence when talking to friends, colleagues and your employer. For some people these lessons lead to a promotion or a better job. One student said their newspaper reading had improved, and another found he could watch movies without needing the subtitles. 

Friends and colleagues are not going to correct your English for very long because they won’t want to embarrass you, or themselves. But informed feedback is essential to make progress.

I comment on: accent, pronunciation, elision, word and sentence stress, intonation and grammar. 

I also introduce new vocabulary – the everyday words which are so popular in New Zealand conversation and writing. You need a native speaker to introduce these as they are seldom found in textbooks.

Our challenge is to get discussion going on any topic, as if we were friends meeting for a chat. One, or both of us, will jot down notes as we go, and I will address many of the language features listed above.

I think these sessions are very enjoyable. We get to know each other and it is great to see our cultural barriers go down as we share and learn new things together. This, after all, is why we learn a foreign language – so we can use it to build relationships - and forget about it!




$60 x 90 minute sessions



I am a private English tutor with over 30 years teaching, tutoring and coaching experience. I teach students in my home in downtown Auckland. I offer a wide range of lesson types, for students at all levels and ages.

Please contact me any time to discuss your needs and how I can help.

House of English
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021 477 601